Frequently Asked Questions

When is Cinderella’s Closet Boutique?
Cinderella’s Closet Boutique is open seasonally. Please check our Boutique page for more details.

When and where can I pre-register?
Pre-registration will be available prior to the boutique dates each year. For more information please refer to the Boutique page.

Do I have to pre-register? What is the benefit of pre-registering?
You do not have to pre-register, but it allows you to have a specific appointment to meet with a Personal Shopper. If you decide to walk in without an appointment, you will be assigned a Personal Shopper as one becomes available, so you may have to wait.

Who can receive a free dress?
Any high school student that does not have the means to obtain their own dress is welcome.

Do I need to establish financial need to receive a free dress?
No, Fairy Goodmothers does not collect financial information.

Do I need to bring proof that I am a student?
Yes, please bring a high school ID or proof of participation in a high school curriculum, such as a grade card or recent paper/project. Please note that your guest must also bring their ID to present upon check-in.

What should I wear?
Since the Boutique, has an open fitting environment, it is recommended that you wear a cami or sports bra and tights or leggings to try on your gown.

What size gowns will be available?
Dresses from size 0 to 26 will be available at the Boutique.

Can I bring someone with me?
Yes, one female guest per girl is permitted. Due to space constraints, we are limited to the number of people within this year’s Boutique. In order to provide the best possible experience to all girls within these constraints, female guests must wait outside of the Boutique. Each girl will shop and try on dresses with her Personal Shopper and is welcome to come out to the waiting area to show gowns to her female guest. Please note that your female guest must also bring her ID to present upon check-in. We thank you for your understanding. Males, infants or small children, and pets are not permitted beyond the waiting area.

Can my father or boyfriend help me pick out a gown?
Males are not permitted in Cinderella’s Closet Boutique since we do not have private fitting rooms available. However, you may show him the gown in the waiting area. Each girl will have her own personal shopper to help with her selections.

Can I receive a Homecoming dress?
No, we only provide prom dresses once a year during Cinderella’s Closet Boutique. The rest of the year, dresses are in storage and we do not have access to them.

Do you have accessories available?
Yes, we typically have some new and donated jewelry, shoes, wraps and purses.

Where can I donate my previously worn dress?
A complete list of the drop off locations is available on the Fairy Goodmothers website at, navigate to the Donate a Dress page. 

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