2023-2024 Leadership

Title Name Email
President Katie Persico kathryn.persico@gmail.com; info@fairygoodmothers.org
Vice President Maureen David scholarship@fairygoodmothers.org
Treasurer Laurie Nolta info@fairygoodmothers.org
Secretary Dana Cummings info@fairygoodmothers.org
Cinderellas Closet Boutique - Chair Sherry Kish cinderellascloset@fairygoodmothers.org
Communications - Chair Cierra Johnson communications@fairygoodmothers.org
Director of Operations Sharon Jones donatedress@fairygoodmothers.org
Fundraising - Chair Mandy Mallott fundraising@fairygoodmothers.org
Inventory - Chair Kendra Parks donatedress@fairygoodmothers.org
Inventory - Chair Mary Grein donatedress@fairygoodmothers.org
Outreach - Chair Jill Fergus outreach@fairygoodmothers.org
Outreach - Chair Shelly Laird outreach@fairygoodmothers.org
Volunteer - Chair Melissa Bender volunteer@fairygoodmothers.org


After an extended pause due to the pandemic, Fairy Goodmothers was able to get back up to speed for the 2023 prom season due to the hard work of the following Fairies:

  • Jenna Homan
  • Amy Bryant
  • Sonia Clemons
  • Maureen David
  • Crystal Evans
  • Jill Fergus
  • Vernita Francis
  • Sherry Kish
  • Madeline Kraus
  • Kelsey Jones
  • Sharon Jones
  • Nadine Nash
  • Katie Persico
  • Lauren Ulane
  • Nina Wertz

 Also, a big THANK YOU goes out to Jason Bloomfield, who holds down the check-in table during the Boutique!