Tips for Shopping

You are welcome to bring one (1) female guest with you to the Boutique. Unfortunately, male guests, babies and pets are not permitted in the Boutique.

Due to space constraints, we are limited to the number of people within the Boutique. In order to provide the best possible experience to all girls within these constraints, female guests must wait outside of the Boutique. Each girl will shop and try on dresses with her Personal Shopper and is welcome to come out to the waiting area to show gowns to her guest. We thank you for your understanding.

Since we do not have private fitting rooms available, we recommend that you wear camis, tanks, sport bras and tights to try on your dress. Only females will be in the fitting room areas.

We understand that you may carpool with friends to the Boutique; however, we can only accept girls during pre-registration times that have booked an appointment online. We welcome walk-ins each day, but those coming without an appointment will be given a time to return to the Boutique later that day.

Proof of financial need is not necessary. We only require proof of participation in a High School curriculum, such as a high school ID, grade card, recent paper or project.

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